Primary Care PPE Planning and Logistics team

Jo, Katie, Kenyetta and Sue have formed a logistics team that ensured GP practices have sufficient PPE to protect  front line clinicians. Through added efforts of Jane Isherwood, they have also been able to establish a PPE audit which allows the team to monitor stock levels at practice and prioritise deliveries.

Throughout the pandemic, they sourced, checked, counted and then distributed PPE.  From the initial idea of trying to source some hand sanitiser one Friday night (in response to practices saying they couldn’t access any supplies) they have helped develop a fully functioning ordering system.

It has not been without its challenges as guidance around PPE continues to change.  All four have embraced this new and additional role as well as continuing to do the ‘day job’.

The shared purpose of protecting colleagues in practice has been a fantastic way of bringing together teams across the organisation.  There is now a willing team of volunteers who are prepared to deliver stock to practices across the City when the need arises.

Kirsty Turner, Associate Director of Primary Care at NHS Leeds CCG said, “Through the sheer hard work and motivation of Jo, Katie, Kenyetta and Sue we have not had the kind of PPE shortage that has been widely reported in the media.  Additionally, as the group is linked to a City wide group for PPE we have been able to provide mutual aid across the system to ensure adequate supplies.

“In simple terms, our practices have been able to continue to see patients safely (where there is a need to do so) to ensure that services can continue to be provided so ultimately we can meet the needs of our population.”