Patient Assurance Group (PAG)

The Patient Assurance Group (PAG) is an advisory group. Its role is to provide assurance that the voices of patients, public and carers are heard and taken into account in the development of an integrated health and social care system.

What is the PAG?

The Patient Assurance Group (PAG) exists to ensure that all phases of the commissioning/decommissioning cycle (see image) are developed with appropriate and sufficient public engagement plans and activities, and are reviewed from a patient and public perspective.

In delivering this role, the PAG may be involved in seeking assurance on the engagement of patients in the planning of services, the commissioning of them and subsequent review and/or decommissioning.

The group is responsible for the following functions:

  • Receiving draft engagement plans prepared to support proposals for commissioning new or reviewed services or decommissioning services.
  • Using the engagement plan review tool to ensure that the plan is robust, meaningful and captures the views of people and communities affected by the service change.
  • Make appropriate recommendations and suggestions to improve the engagement plan.

The PAG meets once a month when there are engagement projects to provide assurance on. On occasions when there isn’t anything to ‘assure on’ then the meeting will not take place. If the PAG doesn’t feel assured, the team developing the plan will not carry on with the proposed engagement until any required changes are made so that the group feel assured that the engagement process is robust and meaningful.

Who is a member of the PAG?

The membership of the PAG is made up of a number of people including:

  • A lay member of the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Three public representatives from the CCG Volunteers programme
  • Director of corporate service from the NHS Leeds CCG
  • A Healthwatch Leeds representative

Minutes from previous meetings

View previous PAG meeting minutes

Upcoming meetings

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Patient Assurance Group – Terms of Reference V1.0 (401KB)

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CCG Volunteers – Engagement plan review tool  (724KB)

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