NHS Leeds CCG Continuing Care team

Continuing care team testing and evaluating face masks

Following a recruitment drive during the COVID-19 pandemic, colleagues from the continuing care team at the CCG stepped forward to support the non-clinical trial of a new reusable antivirus face mask. This meant wearing the mask in a variety of work and social settings and giving feedback as to its wear-ability, use, feel and how easy the instructions for use were. Over 20 staff volunteered to take part in the testing and provide crucial feedback.

The mask uses a coating Viruferrin made from a naturally occurring human protein, Lactoferrin (which is in a mother’s breast milk and the immune system). A range of other preventive and curative uses of Viruferrin™ will enter clinical trials in the coming months.

Each member of staff completed a feedback form. The completed feedback, shared with the company, will form the starting point for a ‘University Challenge’ for design teams in Universities in the Leeds Academic Health & Social Care Partnership to design a range of mask types and styles to address identified shortcomings and development opportunities.

Andrea Dobson Head of Continuing Care at NHS Leeds CCG said “This UK designed and developed product will be used in the fight against bacteria and viruses for both front line staff and individuals that are vulnerable, including those in hostels and with no fixed abode.

“I am proud the team stepped forward to do some of the initial product testing and did it with a sense of humour. It is one of many instances of the team being actively involved in trialling something that has a benefit beyond that of the team.”