Testing for diabetes awareness at Leeds GP practice

Managing diabetes isn’t just about treatment and healthy lifestyles although they’re the key ingredients. It’s also about getting support from like-minded people especially those who have the health condition.

So it came as a great surprise, but a very welcome one, that one GP practice in Leeds had got in touch with me proactively. In fact it wasn’t the practice but Lindon, Secretary of the Patient Club at Leigh View Medical Practice’s patient participation group, who made the initial contact.

Lindon wanted to know what support Diabetes UK could offer Leigh View Medical Practice to help their patients with diabetes.  With the backing and full support of the Practice Manager, Vicky, we decided to do a short questionnaire to establish demand and then arrange an open evening for all patients.

Courtney from the practice, who plays a key role in facilitating the range of patient groups was instrumental in organising the evening. I think the sheer numbers that turned up was a reflection of her hard work.  The open evening was a huge success, the presentation by Lindon and Vicky showed how much support the surgery wants to provide to their patients with diabetes.

Diabetes UK have over 300 local groups, 38 of which are across the Northern and Yorkshire Region.  Our local groups are a core part of our work in Diabetes UK and the best way to provide local support. We do this through education, emotional and social support to compliment the medical advice given by healthcare professionals.

Our groups are open to everyone… not only the patient but their family and friends too, as diabetes affects all those around the patient too.

If you’d like to know more about Diabetes please see our website www.diabetes.org.uk

I’d like to applaud Leigh View Medical Practice staff, and more importantly its patient participation group for going that extra mile for their patients. This was a great example of how patients and their GP practices can work together to help the wider community. I look forward to my next visit.

If you live in the area and want to know more about this group please do not hesitate to contact the surgery.

If this short blog has inspired you to hold a similar event at your GP practice do get in touch… [email protected].

Christine Fox, Volunteer Development Manager

Diabetes UK, Northern and Yorkshire Region