‘Superbugs and ladders’ game educates Leeds families on the dangers of antibiotic resistance

To raise awareness of the growing issue of antibiotic resistance, we'll be challenging families to a game of giant ‘Superbugs and Ladders’ at Breeze events across the city.

The appearance is the latest activity from our successful Seriously Resistant campaign (www.seriouslyresistant.com), which aims to raise the profile of the serious issue of antibiotic misuse and encourage the public to pledge to always take antibiotics correctly.

Gillian Chapman, local pharmacist and medicines optimisation pharmacist at the CCG, said: “Attending the Breeze events will help educate families about the importance of using antibiotics correctly. For example colds, flu, most coughs and sore throats are viral infections, which can’t be treated with antibiotics.

“This is important for people to know because if we take antibiotics when we don’t need them, they become less effective. That’s really dangerous because in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of ‘superbugs’ which are resistant to antibiotics.

“Without effective antibiotics, minor infections could become deadly and many medical advances could be at risk – for example, organ transplantation, chemotherapy and caesareans could become too dangerous. However, reducing the inappropriate use of antibiotics can help us stay ahead of superbugs.”

The Seriously Resistant campaign will visit six Breeze events across Leeds this summer, including the popular Breeze Festival in Temple Newsam on Wednesday 31 July. Alongside the giant game of ‘Superbugs and Ladders’ – which aims to educate families about the importance of completing a course of antibiotics – visitors will also be able to do their bit by making a pledge to always take antibiotics correctly.

Pledges collected throughout the events will be attached to the Seriously Pledge Hedge, showing support from across the city and adding to the campaign’s current pledge total of over 17,000.

Whether attending a Breeze event or not, residents of Leeds are encouraged to make their pledge to take antibiotics seriously and help ensure they will continue to work for future generations. To make a pledge online, visit: www.seriouslyresistant.com