Snow patrol! Local volunteers answer call for help from Leeds GP practice

A practice in north Leeds has seen a crew of volunteers turn up on Saturday morning to help clear snow from a GP practice so that it could deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to nearly 1200 people.


Practice staff and volunteers clearing up the snow Practice staff and volunteers clearing up the snow Pathway has been cleared of snow by practice staff and volunteers for patients

Staff from Alwoodley Medical Centre and neighbouring GP practices joined the hardy volunteers to clear the road and car park from 7.30am (pictured above). The 15 local volunteers took up the call for support following an appeal made by the practice on social media following overnight freezing temperatures.

Within two hours of the call for help the herculean effort saw the car park and paths leading to the practice clear of snow.

Dr Martin Sutcliffe, GP at Alwoodley Medical Centre and Vaccination Lead for the primary care network, said “Among the gloom of lockdown, people living near our practice have shown such incredible community spirit.  We’re truly grateful for all the volunteers who joined our staff to clear the snow so that our most vulnerable patients could safely get to their vaccination appointment.

“Being part of the vaccination programme is something I am very proud of, and all those who answered the call (or sent their partners) should feel that pride – we couldn’t have achieved today without you. It gives me confidence that our community will continue to help us achieve as we receive further vaccine over the coming weeks.”

Dr Jason Broch, local GP and Clinical Chair for NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group said: “It fills me with great pride to live in a compassionate city where all of us go out of our way to help others. This is an amazing example of people looking out for each other.

“I also want to take this opportunity to remind people that GPs, nurses, pharmacists and countless other staff, partners and volunteers are working around the clock to provide vaccinations. We know people are eager get protected and may be concerned if they are in one of the priority cohorts and have not been contacted yet. However, we would like to reassure them that they will be contacted over the next few weeks.”

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