Second vaccinations brought forward to eight weeks for people in Leeds

The NHS in Leeds is bringing forward second doses for people of all ages, following the government’s announcement on Monday.

With the second dose having been shown to be particularly important in protecting people against the Delta variant, everyone aged 18 and over will now be offered their second jab eight weeks after their first, rather than at 12 weeks. This is to ensure everyone has the strongest possible protection from the virus at the earliest opportunity possible.

People need two doses of the vaccine to get the maximum amount of protection and evidence shows that a gap of 8-12 weeks between doses is likely to provide higher levels of protection than a shorter interval of 3 to 4 weeks.

Over 354,421 in Leeds have now been double-jabbed and local health chiefs are keen to make sure everyone understands the importance of getting both doses.

Sam Prince, Executive Director of Operations for the Leeds Covid Vaccination Programme, said: “The second dose of the vaccine is vital for achieving higher and longer lasting protection against Covid-19 so we are urging everyone to make sure they get their second jab.

“Where Covid is concerned, it just isn’t worth taking the risk of not getting the maximum protection. We’ve all seen the terrible effects that this virus can have and the havoc it has caused across our communities so please do your bit, and don’t leave your jab half done.”

Anyone who has an appointment booked for their second dose before 19 July should attend as planned. People who have appointments after this, and which are more than 9 weeks after their first dose, will be able to bring them forward. If you received your first vaccination through your GP practice, they will contact you to arrange your second dose, while those who used the NHS National Booking Service will be able to bring their appointment forward using the ‘manage my booking’ option at