Radshan Medical Centre

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) makes decisions on how NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) Partnership plans and commissions primary care services.

On Wednesday 24 January the committee accepted the resignation from the current provider of Radshan Medical Centre, Kippax and agreed to disperse the list amongst local practices

Dr Simon Stockill, Medical Director at NHS Leeds CCGs Partnership, said: “We looked at the current practice premises which have limited functional capacity to offer a wide range of services to the registered population now and in the longer term. The committee made a decision to go with list dispersal because we feel it’s the best option for the registered population.

“We will undertake an engagement with the registered population to ensure they get the services they need, and to address any concerns arising out of the list dispersal.”

The practice and the CCG will be writing to all households registered with the practice to formally inform them of the decision and the next steps.

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Notes to editors

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

The role of Primary Care Commissioning Committee is to make decisions on how the CCGs plans and commission primary care services.

NHS Leeds CCGs Partnership

Since 1 April 2017, the three CCGs (NHS Leeds North CCG, NHS Leeds South and East CCG and NHS Leeds West CCG) have been working together as the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership, with a shared leadership team and joint governance arrangements.