What does quality mean to you?

With a little helping of some Quality Streets we have been asking staff, and some of our clinical leads, what does quality mean to you?

With a little helping of some Quality Streets we have been asking staff, and some of our clinical leads, what does quality mean to you?

Why we hear you ask? The answer is simple we want to ensure that everyone working for the CCG thinks about quality so that ultimately our patients can benefit from a better experience of the NHS. We also hear some dissenting voices asking why we were giving out chocolates, don’t worry we only gave one sweet out per staff member as the old saying goes ‘everything in moderation’. Although we are expecting a call from our healthy working group…

We have set up a group called the Service Change Quality Improvement Network, a rather catchy name, which has been tasked with getting us all thinking about quality. Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive for NHS England, recently said that those working for the NHS ‘should think like patients and act like taxpayers.’

We know colleagues, internally and externally, will say we’ve always thought like that. However it is fair to say that if you are not working on the frontline it is probably easy to think like a taxpayer (we know all about the tight budgets we have to work with) but there’s a feeling that maybe, just maybe we forget to think like patients or how our role can relate back to patient care. This is easily done when you have to focus on the task in hand like managing budgets, analysing data or even writing a blog!

To help us get thinking about quality, staff were given a card (as well as a Quality Street) where they were asked what does quality mean to you? But we didn’t stop there as we followed this up with a learning lunch to have a closer look at what defines quality.

So what happened at the learning lunch? Well at first we were nervous as no one appeared at the scheduled start. This is easy we thought but that soon changed as were joined by approximately 25 colleagues including four GPs who sit on our Governing Body, representatives from most internal teams and colleagues from our commissioning support unit.

In an effort to get people thinking about quality we shared images of a number of brands from different sectors asking which of the two brands suggested greater quality and why? In hindsight using Lada (a car manufactured in Russia) and Patrick sportswear might have been a mistake as many colleagues looked blankly at us.

But we then threw in a real curved ball as we showed the NHS brand alongside another well known brand within healthcare. This resulted in a lively debate and one that possibly helped shift some thinking in terms of what quality means to us. These are early days but feedback from the cards and the learning lunch has given us plenty to think about.

Before we ended the session we had a quiz question for colleagues, ‘in which year were Quality Streets launched?’

Chris and Shak
Communications and engagement team.