NHS Leeds CCG works with local mental health services to support children and young people

Children and young people in Leeds are being encouraged to seek support with their mental wellbeing from the range of services available across the city.

From the lack of routine following school closures, to the loneliness of self-isolating, the coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of children and young people. A recent survey from YoungMinds has shown that 80% of young people feel that the pandemic has made their existing mental health issues worse.

Throughout the lockdown period, mental health support has continued to be available for young people in Leeds, with services providing support via phone or online chat instead of face-to-face. One of these services is The Beck project, which offers wellbeing support for children and young people aged 4-18. Prior to lockdown, this support took place in primary and secondary schools across Leeds, and is now offered via phone and video calls.

Lucy (name changed), a young person from Leeds, received group support from the Beck project, before moving to 1:1 sessions with a Wellbeing Worker. Lucy was referred to the programme due to long-standing social anxiety, which led to prolonged periods of low mood. Now, having the opportunity to talk about her feelings and developing the techniques she had learnt in the group sessions, Lucy has seen a positive impact on her emotional wellbeing.

Lucy’s mum, Emma, has also been involved in the virtual sessions, as well as working through wellbeing resources with her daughter at home. She said: “It’s been so lovely to be included in the support.  As you can imagine, I get a lot from it too – it helps me to help my daughter.”

NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has also worked alongside the Beck project to deliver wellbeing packs to young people. The packs are specifically designed to meet individual emotional health needs, containing various resources – from self-care to art therapy – and signposting information.

Dr Jane Mischenko, Strategic Lead Commissioner for Children and Maternity at NHS Leeds CCG, said: ‘The coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on the emotional wellbeing of children and young people and particularly those with existing needs. It’s essential that mental health support continues to be available in the city. The Beck is one of many services in Leeds who, despite lockdown restrictions, are still able to support children and young people across the city.

“We’re really pleased to have worked with the Beck project to deliver wellbeing packs to young people, straight to their doors. We want them to know that support is always available, no matter the circumstances, and that it’s important to reach out for help if they need it. MindMate, the dedicated mental health website for children and young people in Leeds, can help signpost young people and their parents to the appropriate service.”

For more information about the support available for under-25s in Leeds, visit mindmate.org.uk.



YoungMinds Covid-19 Summer 2020 Survey

Further information about the survey can be found at https://youngminds.org.uk/about-us/reports/coronavirus-impact-on-young-people-with-mental-health-needs/


About MindMate

MindMate is a dedicated mental health and emotional wellbeing website (www.mindmate.org.uk) in Leeds for young people, parents and professionals who work with young people.

The range of mental health services available in Leeds can be found here: https://www.mindmate.org.uk/im-a-young-person/whats-in-leeds-for-me/

Advice on coping with common issues, such as anxiety, self-image and bereavement, can be found here: https://www.mindmate.org.uk/im-a-young-person/coping-common-issues/


Support for children and young people across Leeds to help with their mental wellbeing

NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have put together a single sided sheet which includes a summary of the daytime and evening support available for children and young people: https://bit.ly/3hyOad7


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