NHS in Leeds urges residents to look out for symptoms of diabetes (Diabetes Week 14 to 20 June 2021)

The NHS in Leeds is urging residents to see their GP if they have symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. There are different types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes – where the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin

Type 2 diabetes – where the body does not produce enough insulin, or the body’s cells do not react to insulin

During pregnancy, some women have such high levels of blood glucose that their body is unable to produce enough insulin to absorb it all. This is known as gestational diabetes.

In Leeds approximately 44,000 people have diabetes, and a further 35,000 are at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr Bryan Power, clinical lead for long term conditions at NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:

“Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious ill health and premature death. Many people have type 2 diabetes without realising. Left untreated it can lead to serious health complications.

You’re at more risk of developing type 2 diabetes if you are over 40, have a close relative with diabetes, are overweight or of Asian, African-Caribbean or black African origin.

Look out for symptoms, such as peeing more than usual, feeling thirsty all the time, feeling very tired, cuts or wounds taking longer to heal or blurred vision.

There are many things we can do to prevent type 2 diabetes. Simple changes can help. You can try reducing portion sizes or taking up an active hobby.

I urge those who think they are at high risk of type 2 diabetes or have symptoms to see a GP. The GP will check your urine and if indicated, arrange a blood test to check your blood sugar levels.”

Anyone can develop type 2 diabetes but some of us are more at risk than others. This might be because of our ethnicity, body shape or family history. Find out your risk at https://riskscore.diabetes.org.uk/start

If you’re at risk of diabetes and your GP invites you to join the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme make sure you take up the offer. Take control by staying active and healthy.

Find out more about how you can improve your lifestyle and stay healthy visit  https://oneyouleeds.co.uk/

Find out more about diabetes on the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/diabetes/  or visit https://www.diabetes.org.uk/


Notes to editors

  • Type 2 affects over 90% of people with diabetes.  While type 1 isn’t affected by lifestyle or weight, type 2, is largely preventable through lifestyle changes
  • Around 22,000 people with diabetes die early every year in England. For those that get coronavirus, the risk of dying is higher for people living with diabetes than people without the condition
  • The Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is a joint commitment from NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes UK, to deliver evidence based behavioural interventions for individuals identified as being at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • As well as the human cost, type 2 diabetes treatment accounts for around 9% of the annual NHS budget. This is around £8.8 billion a year and set to increase unless we focus efforts on prevention interventions

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