Looking after your physical health during the coronavirus pandemic

In lead up to Self Care Week (16 – 22 November), the local NHS is supporting the week by encouraging Leeds residents to look after their physical health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Bryan Power, Clinical Lead for Long Term Conditions at NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “These are challenging times for a lot of people and it’s important that we look after our physical health and wellbeing. We know that most people will be staying at home as much as possible and it’s important that we try to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.

“If you drink alcohol, it’s important that you drink within the recommended daily limits and have alcohol free days. We know these are stressful times for a lot of people and it can be tempting to drink more than usual. Not drinking alcohol often improves sleep, helps you feel better in the mornings and prevents you from feeling tired during the day. If you smoke, please try not to as this, like alcohol, will have an impact on your overall health. Find out how you can be smoke free by visiting the One You Leeds website.

“With it getting darker earlier, try going for a walk, jog or a run during the day, if you are going in the evening try to have a buddy, whether it’s a family member living in the same household or someone from your support bubble. Those of you who are working from home, try and taking a break from work by going for a walk as this will be a change of scenery and you’ll get fresh air. If you struggle to fit in any exercise during the day, there are exercises which you can do indoors, these can be an easy 10 minute home workout which you can find on the NHS website.

“It’s important that you eat healthy foods and have a balanced diet, so that you’re having a variety of nutritious foods from different food groups. The NHS website has a ‘Eatwell Guide’ here’s where you can find out about the different food groups. If you have symptoms of coronavirus ask friends or a delivery service to drop off food for you (include fruit and vegetables).

“Looking after our physical health now helps our long term health too, and can help prevent us developing serious conditions like diabetes or cancer. Being physically healthy, eating well and exercising also benefits our mental health, so even though we may not always feel like it, looking after ourselves has never been more important.”

Visit the MindWell website to find out how you can look after your physical health, please click on the following link www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk/home/information-on-coronavirus.


Notes to editors

Alcohol units

Read the recommended alcohol units by visiting the NHS website.