Leeds youngsters provide voiceover for NHS nursery rhyme

Young people in Leeds are supporting the #NHSHereForYou campaign by providing the voiceovers for animations aimed at encouraging parents and carers to access care when their children fall ill or get injured.

Two Leeds youngsters – Eidy Johnson, 8, from Adel and Charlie Southby, 11, from Wetherby – have provided the voices to a nursery rhyme-style animation which will be used on social media, on NHS websites and with local schools to promote how to access NHS support. Charlie’s older brother Robert Southby, 19, edited the recordings.

The two 90-second animations demonstrate, through a rhyming animation, the correct way to access NHS services – 999 for emergencies, 111 when someone needs support quickly but not an emergency, GP calls for day-to-day issues or concerning symptoms – using a traffic light system.

It is the latest in a series of #NHSHereForYou messages designed to help the public and encourage people to use NHS services when they need to.

Dr Alison Best, Associate Medical Director for NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Latest figures show that there has been a significant reduction in both A&E attendances and in people seeing their GP. This is quite concerning as there will be people, including children, who really do need medical help in an emergency or for worrying health symptoms which might suggest cancer. We know people don’t want to be a burden on the NHS; I’d like to reassure people we’re here for you.

“It is also very important for young children up to 1 year old to have their immunisations to protect them against a range of potentially serious infections and GP practices are still offering booked appointments for these.

“The ‘Here For You’ campaign is a really important one during these unusual times. We are reminding the public, young and old, that they must access NHS care when they need it. We can talk to you over the phone and arrange video consultations when helpful. If we do need to see you, let me reassure you that you will be seen in a safe, low risk environment.

“I’d like to say thanks to the stars of the animation – Eidy and Charlie – they have helped us develop a more memorable way of getting this message across.”

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The animation is available from https://youtu.be/920S9goheFY (Eidy voiceover) or https://youtu.be/2hwDgXfTyak (Charlie voiceover) and from the #NHSHereForYou campaign page (under information for parents/carers).

For more information visit www.leedsccg.nhs.uk/HereForYou


Images:  Voicing their support for the latest NHS campaign: Charlie Southby, 11, and Robert Southby, 19, from Wetherby; and Eidy Johnson, 8, from Adel

Notes to editors [taken from www.leedsccg.nhs.uk/HereForYou]

When to call 999

If you have any of the following life-threatening emergencies, call 999:

  • Choking
  • Chest pain
  • Blackout
  • Severe bleeding
  • A serious injury
  • If you think you’re having a stroke

For further information visit https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/urgent-and-emergency-care/when-to-call-999/

Symptoms of a stroke

The main symptoms of stroke can be remembered with the word FAST – you must call 999 if you have the following:

  • Face – face is drooping/fallen on one side, unable to smile, or the mouth or eye have dropped
  • Arms – unable to raise both arms and keep them there
  • Speech – speech is slurred or garbled
  • Time – dial 999 immediately if you see any of these signs or symptoms

For further information visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stroke/

Signs and symptoms of cancer

Visit the NHS website which highlights all the signs and symptoms of cancer https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cancer/symptoms/