Leeds resident encourages local people with long term conditions to self care this winter

Leeds resident, Paula Wright , who has had chronic bronchitis for the past 15 years, is supporting a campaign asking people to take greater control of their health this winter in the lead up to Self Care Week (13 to 19 November).

The local NHS and Leeds City Council is supporting Self Care Week, as it raises awareness of how people with long term conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart diseases and lung conditions can help themselves to live a full and active life.


Paula Wright (pictured on the left), said: “Self care is really important to me, by looking after myself and taking greater control of my own health I can live a normal lifestyle as much as possible.

“Self care also means having enough medication, especially through the winter period, attending all my regular appointments, staying active, having a good night’s sleep, eating well and keeping warm. By doing all this I’m able to manage my condition better, and I’m confident others can do the same.”

Sara Lane, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Burley Park Medical Centre, said: “People with long term conditions can self care this winter by having their annual check-up, flu vaccination, follow the advice in your annual action plan and seek advice if you’re not sure. Keeping active over winter can be difficult but there’s plenty of opportunities to do so, visit the One You Leeds website (https://oneyouleeds.co.uk/), so that you can find local activities near you whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

“Most minor ailments, such as coughs, colds, sore throat, aches and pains can be treated at home by keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet, you can speak to your local pharmacy who can help you stock up your medicines cabinet and offer you expert advice and support on common winter health conditions.”

Dr Ian Cameron, Director of Public Health at Leeds City Council, added: Self care is very important for people with long term conditions, especially during winter. There are lots of excellent resources and help available from websites such as Stay Well This Winter, NHS Choices and the Self Care Forum, which can help you to manage your condition.”

If you want to know more about self care and how to stay well throughout the winter, please follow the link to NHS choices website: www.nhs.uk/staywell.


Notes to editors:

Local case study – Paula Wright, 73 years old from Leeds

“I had a recurrent cough for about three weeks, and at that time I was being treated by a cardiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, who then referred me to the respiratory team at the Trust. After 18 months, I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and the reason why it took 18 months was because it was a rare condition related to ulcerative colitis*.

“I self care by making sure I have enough medication, attending all my regular check-ups at my GP practice and hospital appointments when invited, staying active by undertaking regular exercises, eating well getting enough sleep and attending my pulmonary rehabilitation group therapy, which was recommended by my GP.

“People with long term conditions can self care this winter by having their annual flu vaccination, keeping active, eating healthy and try to have warm food, making sure you heat your home to at least 18C (65F) and wrapping up warm when going outside.

“If you’re not sure on how you can self care for your condition speak to your GP or nurse, and they will be able to advise you. By taking these steps you have greater control of your health and it will benefit you in the long term.”

*Ulcerative colitis is a long term condition, where the colon and rectum become inflamed.


Videos offering advice on self care for winter and beyond are available here and on the NHS Leeds CCG website under healthy living.

Self care week

Self Care Week takes place 13-19 November 2017 and has the theme of engaging and empowering people and the strapline is ‘Embracing Self Care for Life’.

Self Care Week is a yearly campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of self care and what people can do to take better care of their own health and their family’s health. The point of the campaign is to promote and encourage more self care across communities, families and generations.

If you would like to know more about Self Care Week, please follow the link to the Self Care Forum website www.selfcareforum.org/events/self-care-week-resources.

Get involved in the conversation on social media by using the following hashtag #selfcareweek.

Chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is a daily productive cough that lasts for three months of the year and for at least two years in a row; chronic bronchitis is one of a number of lung conditions, including emphysema, that are collectively known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); it mostly affects adults over 40.

If you would like more information on chronic bronchitis, please follow the link to the NHS choices website: www.nhs.uk/conditions/bronchitis

One You Leeds

The One You Leeds website provides a range of healthy living information to improve your health and make healthier choices, as well as highlight what health living services are available across the city.

If you would like more information on One You Leeds, please follow the link to the One You Leeds website: https://oneyouleeds.co.uk/

NHS Leeds CCGs Partnership

Since 1 April 2017, the three CCGs (NHS Leeds North CCG, NHS Leeds South and East CCG and NHS Leeds West CCG) have been working together as the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership, with a shared leadership team and joint governance arrangements.

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