Health and care providers in Leeds urge; in this busy time, please be kind

Health and care organisations across the city are calling for kindness, consideration and for patients and residents to support their local NHS providers at this unprecedented and busy time. The demand across GP practices, hospital services, the Emergency Departments and local community services is at an all time high.

High volume of patients is a result of a number of factors including a rise in current COVID-19 cases, the long-term physical and mental impact on health following the pandemic and health and care staff also suffering from COVID-19, exhaustion and illness.

In Leeds, care providers understand people’s concerns and disappointment with access to face- to-face appointments and long waiting times. All organisations are working together to find solutions, address backlog as well as rolling out the COVID-19 booster programme, the flu jab and the seasonal winter illness demands.

Dr Sarah Forbes, GP and Associate Medical Director, NGS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We are aware of the constant media coverage on the pressures on the NHS and myself and my colleagues are continuing to work extremely hard to meet our patients needs and ensure that people who need to be seen face-to-face are able to. It has been an intense 18 months in the health and care industries and as parents, carers, residents, daughters and sons, we are all human. Please be kind. Please be respectful and please consider that the person on the end of the phone is a human being too.”

Sam Prince, Senior Responsible Officer, Leeds Vaccination Programme, said:  “I have been fortunate enough to work in a role over the last 18 months that has shown me most parts of our wonderful health and care services in Leeds. Every single agency, practice, hospital I have worked with are going above and beyond to ensure patients get access to the diagnosis, treatment or vaccine they need. As a Leeds resident I am proud of what our colleagues have delivered and alongside my colleagues, I ask for all people to be understanding of the pressures on us all at the moment, and most of all, be kind.”

Health and care workers would like to remind residents:

  • To reduce the transmission of COVID-19 please continue to follow the governments health and care guidance, including hands, face, space advice;
  • Be kind and respectful – the teams at your GP practice and across the NHS are experienced healthcare professionals who know how to best deal with your call/request. They are human beings – mothers, fathers, daughters, sons etc – who deserve to be treated with kindness and politeness just as everyone does;
  • Abuse will not be tolerated – there is no excuse for abuse and all GP practices have a zero-tolerance policy. If people are abusive to staff or patients, they can be immediately removed from the practice.


Notes to Editor:

For more information please contact Leeds CCG Comms Team email [email protected]