Health advice for people observing Ramadan

As Muslims begin the holy month of Ramadan, the NHS in Leeds is supporting all those observing this time of refection and prayer, especially those with any health conditions such as diabetes.

Dr Mohammed Sattar, a GP in Woodhouse said, “As a doctor in Leeds I would like wish Ramadan Kareem to all Leeds residents observing Ramadan this year. We have lived through some unprecedented times during the pandemic and I would encourage us all to practice a healthy Ramadan.”

Dr Sattar continued: “I would also welcome people with medical conditions, like diabetes for example, and who intend to fast to arrange a review of their medical conditions with their GP surgery to ensure fasting is the safest it can be for them.

“It is worth noting most people with conditions such as diabetes can fast without any issue as long as they ensure they follow a few key pieces of advice.

“Qari Asim, a local Islamic leader, supports us in reminding people to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle but also take necessary precautions relevant at the time.”

Find out more about managing diabetes during Ramadan in this short video:

Ramadan is a special time in the Islamic calendar. It gives Muslims all over the world the opportunity for peaceful reflections, prayer and celebration and more time for religious observations like prayer and charity. We would like to wish all those observing a peaceful and blessed Ramadan.

As with all celebrations, the NHS in Leeds advises taking the relevant and most up to date Coronavirus precautions such as ventilation, space and hand washing. The most up to date information can be found at


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