Leeds West CCG Board Meeting 7 May 2014

Wednesday 7 May 2014
2:00pm - 5:00pm
New Wortley Community Centre
40 Tong Road Leeds LS12 1LZ
Leeds West CCG
Item Agenda Item Lead
LW2014/098 Patient Voice Diane Hampshire
LW2014/099 Welcome and apologies for absence Gordon Sinclair
LW2014/100 Declarations of Interest Gordon Sinclair
LW2014/101 Questions from Members of the Public Gordon Sinclair
  1. Minutes of NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group meetings:
  2. Matters Arising
  3. Action Log
Gordon Sinclair
LW2014/103 Adoption of constitution changes for approval by NHS England Gordon Sinclair
LW2014/104 Chief Officer’s Report Philomena Corrigan
LW2014/105 Sue Robins
LW2014/106 Finance Report Visseh Pejhan-Sykes
LW2014/107 Visseh Pejhan-Sykes
LW2014/108 Business Care Approvals

  1. Asthma:
  2. Year of Care Business Case (Front)
  3. Year of Care Business Case (Full)
Simon Stockill, Sue Robins
LW2014/109 Diane Hampshire
LW2014/110 Diane Hampshire
LW2014/111 Diane Hampshire
LW2014/112 Bryan Power
LW2014/113 Sue Robbins
LW2014/114 Sue Robbins
LW2014/115 Sue Robbins
LW2014/116 Policy(s) Ratification:

  1. Recruitment and Selection Policy
  2. Acceptable Standards of Behaviour Policy
  3. Protection of Pay and Conditions Policy
  4. Organisational Change Policy
  5. Partnership Working and Recognition Policy
  6. Performance Policy
  7. Pay Progression Policy
Diane Hampshire
LW2014/117 Forward Work Programme 2014 Gordon Sinclair
LW2014/118 Questions From Members of the Public Gordon Sinclair
LW2014/119 Any Other Business All
IFI 01 Chairman’s Summary of the Clinical Commissioning Committee meetings (19 March and 26 April 2014) Andrew Sixsmith
IFI 02 Chairman’s Summary of the Assurance Committee meeting (2 April 2014) Steve Ledger
IFI 03 Chairman’s Summary of the Audit Committee meeting (12 March 2014, WIRA House) Chris Schofield

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