Leeds West CCG Board Meeting 6 November 2013

Wednesday 6 November 2013
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Yeadon Town Hall
High Street Yeadon Leeds LS19 7PP
Leeds West CCG
Item Agenda Item
LW2013/98 Patient Voice
LW2013/99 Welcome and apologies for absence
LW2013/100 Declarations of Interest
LW2013/101 Questions from Members of the Public
LW2013/102 a) Minutes of NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group meeting held 4 September 2013 at New Wortley Community Centreb) Matters Arising

c) Action Log

LW2013/103 Chief Officer’s Report Next steps on implementing the Integration Transformation Fund letter 17 October 2013
LW2013/104 Integrated Quality and Performance ReportCommunity Dashboard August 2013

Overview: the 22 Indicators

Mental Health Performance Summary 2013-14

NHS Leeds West CCG Assurance Framework Balance Scorecard Summary

Strategy Scorecard

Maternity Analysis 

LW2013/105 Finance Report
LW2013/106 Governing Body Assurance Framework Leeds West CCG Assurance Framework 2013/14
LW2013/107 NHS Leeds West CCG Corporate Risk Register – October 2013Corporate Risk Register 16 October 2013
LW2013/108 NHS Constitution and Patient Choice 
LW2013/109 Mid-year Review of Member Practice Engagement
LW2013/110 Mid-year Strategic Review
LW2013/111 10CC Meeting Terms of Reference10CC Terms of Reference
LW2013/112 Terms of Reference for Committees of NHS Leeds West CCGa) Assurance Committee
b) Audit Committee
c) Remuneration Committee
d) Clinical Commissioning Committee
LW2013/113 Chairman’s Summary of the Clinical Commissioning Committee meeting held on 18 September and 16 October 2013
LW2013/114 Chairman’s Summary of the Assurance Committee Meeting held on 2 October 2013
LW2013/115 NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group Forward Work Programme 2013/2014
LW2013/116 Questions from Members of the Public
LW2013/117 Any Other Business
LW2013/118 Date of the Next Governing Body Meeting:
8 January 2014 at 2.00pm held at St Peter’s Church, Morley