Leeds West CCG Board Meeting 4 March 2015

Wednesday 4 March 2015
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Pudsey Civic Hall
Dawson’s Corner Pudsey LS28 5TA
Leeds West CCG

Agenda (190kB)

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Item  Agenda Item Lead Time
LW2015/17 Patient Voice Diane Hampshire 2.00pm
LW2015/18 Welcome and apologies for absence Gordon Sinclair 2.15pm
LW2015/19 Declarations of Interest Gordon Sinclair
LW2015/20 Questions from Members of the Public Gordon Sinclair 2.20pm
LW2015/21 a) Minutes of NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group meeting held 7 January 2015 at Hinsley Hall
b) Matters Arising
c) Action Log
Gordon Sinclair 2.30pm (10 mins)
LW2015/22 Chief Officer’s Report Phil Corrigan 2.40pm (15 mins)
LW2015/23 Integrated Quality and Performance Report – February 2015 (cover paper) Sue Robins 2.55pm (15 mins)
LW2015/24 Finance Report Visseh Pejhan-Sykes 3.10pm (15 mins)
LW2015/25 Governing Body Assurance Framework (cover paper) Diane Hampshire 3.25pm (10 mins)
LW2015/26 Corporate Risk Register (cover paper) Diane Hampshire 3.35pm (10 mins)
LW2015/27 Operational Plan Submission 2015 (cover paper) Sue Robins 3.45pm (15 mins)
LW2015/28 Promotion of Education & Training (cover paper)
Appendix 1
Diane Hampshire / Simon Stockill 4.00pm (15 mins)
LW2015/29 Business Case: Update on the Primary Care Enhanced Access Pilot Sue Robins 4.15pm (15 mins)
LW2015/30 General Practice Quality Improvement Scheme 2015/16 Sue Robins / Simon Stockill 4.30pm (10 mins)
LW2015/31 Annual Review of Register of Interests (cover paper)
a) Register of Interests
b) Interests Declared at Governing Body & Committee Meetings
Gordon Sinclair 4.40pm (5 mins)
LW2015/32 NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Forward Work Programme 2015 Gordon Sinclair 4.45pm (5 mins)
LW2015/32 Questions from Members of the Public Gordon Sinclair 4.50pm (10 mins)
LW2015/33 Any Other Business All 5.00pm (5 mins)
Date of the next Governing Body meeting: Wednesday 6 May 2015 at Hinsley Hall, 62 Headingley Lane, Leeds, LS6 2BX
IFI 01 Chair’s Summary of the Clinical Commissioning Committee meetings held on 21 January and 18 February 2015 Simon Stockhill / Peter Belfield N/A
IFI 02 Chair’s Summary of the Assurance Committee meeting held on 4 February 2015 Steve Ledger N/A