Feeling unwell?

If you or your loved ones aren't feeling well, find out which service is best placed to help you.

You can call 111 (NHS 111), see your local GP, visit a walk-in centre, or go online for more advice. Self care with the help of your local pharmacy could be your best option. Find out more below.

Use your pharmacy

Your local pharmacy can provide expert, confidential advice and treatment. Best of all, there is no need for an appointment.

Pharmacies can:

  • Offer advice on treating minor ailments and injuries
  • Give advice on medication and whether you need to see your GP
  • Help you manage certain long-term conditions
  • Dispense medicine when you give them your prescription
  • Dispense repeat prescriptions without the need to visit your GP
  • Give sexual health and contraception advice

Find your local pharmacy

NHS 111

For accidents and unexpected health problems, call NHS 111. It’s free and is a fast and easy way for people to get the right help, whatever their health needs and whatever the time of day or night.

Callers to 111 are put through to a team of highly-skilled call advisers, who are supported by experienced nurses. They use a clinical assessment system and ask questions to assess callers’ needs and determine the most appropriate course of action.

Contacting NHS 111 if you have a speech or hearing impairment

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired you can contact the NHS 111 service using the NGT Relay services.

Self-care at home

If you have a common illness or injury, such as a bad cold, flu, stomach upset, then you can treat your condition at home.

A big part of your recovery from these minor ailments is to rest and drink plenty of fluids. For minor cuts and grazes, cleaning the wound under clean running water and covering with a plaster or gauze and tape, will help prevent infection.

Plan ahead by stocking up on healthcare essentials such as paracetamol or aspirin, indigestion remedies and plasters. You will find these at your local pharmacy.

More information is available on our self care page.

Visit your doctor

Please visit your GP surgery if you’re injured, unwell or have an ongoing problem that cannot be treated at home, or if you need advice on managing long-term conditions.

If it’s outside normal opening times you can ring your GP, or dial 111 (NHS 111), to access the out-of-hours service. If you have not registered with a doctor, dial 111 for expert advice on what to do next.

Find your local GP

Head to a walk-in centre or an urgent treatment centre

For care from specialist nurses without an appointment, visit one of our urgent treatment centres or the walk-in centre.