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Here’s how you can help share our messages

  • Download our social media plans.
  • Download our information leaflet (also available in easy read). If you’d like printed copies to share in your community please email us – please confirm how many copies you require and delivery address.

Your NHS is still here for you information leaflet

Information leaflet

Information leaflet - easy read

Your NHS is still here for you easy read animation

Social media plans

NHS Here for you  – full version

NHS Here for you social media plan

To help support specific areas of the larger social media plan, we have also broken the contents of the full version down into smaller versions (categories below) to help you focus your messaging.

General advice for adults

Covering different emergency scenarios (stroke, heavy bleeding, choking, sudden chest pain), when to call your GP, cancer symptoms, online help including NHS 111.

NHS Here for you - General advice for adults social media plan

Parents and carers

Covering traffic light system to help parents/carers, mental health advice for your children and young people, your baby’s movement and what do if someone’s choking.

NHS Here for you - Parents and carers social media plan

Children and young people

Messaging around the support available for children and young people through MindMate.

NHS Here for you - Children and young people social media plan

Charities and community organisations

Messages around the available support through charities and community organisations in Leeds.

NHS Here for you - Charities and community organisations social media plan

Mental health helpline support

Messages signposting to the available phone services available for those in need of mental health support.

NHS Here for you - Mental health helpline support

NHS Here for you patient and clinician videos

Patient case studies, advice from health professionals when to call GP / go A&E / symptoms of cancer + BSL versions.

NHS Here for you - Patient and clinician videos social media plan

Accessing your GP videos

Information videos in 14 languages on how access to your GP has changed.

NHS Here for you - Accessing your GP videos social media plan

Accessing your GP – translated social media messages

Information videos and translated social media messages (translated into into 14 languages).

NHS Here for you - Accessing your GP videos social media plan (translations)

Getting your prescription videos

Advice on how to get your prescriptions during the coronavirus pandemic.

NHS Here for you - Getting your prescription videos social media plan