Today is the day!

Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, and most people who smoke want to stop, but it’s a tough challenge.

Today is the Day: Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is the single most helpful thing you can do to improve your health and the health of the people around you. Every year more and more people quit smoking, and enjoy the better health, wealth, lifestyle and life expectancy this can bring.

You are four times more likely to be successful using your local NHS stop smoking clinic than if you try it on your own. The service offers different types of support, including drop in, telephone support and home visits. Sessions run both daytime and on evenings and there are more than 40 clinics across Leeds, and you don’t even have to stick with the same clinic or use your local one.

Today is the Day is our campaign launched in summer 2016, to encourage more people to access the Leeds stop smoking clinics. Four local people share their stories about how they used the free Leeds NHS Stop Smoking Service (this has now been replaced by One You Leeds) to help them to stop smoking.

It’s quick and easy to book an appointment, just phone 0800 169 4219 and speak to the friendly team, or you can fill out a short form.


Campaign development

Today is the Day was commissioned following engagement with our local population about why people smoke and what would help them to stop, carried out by Leeds Beckett University. It was developed with involvement from local people, to find out what kind of campaign they would find effective, how it should look and the messages it should carry.

In Spring 2017, we commissioned an evaluation of the campaign by Leeds Involving People. Read the full report / executive summary.