Joined Up Leeds

Leeds has a vision to be the best city for health and wellbeing and a global leader for health innovation. Using and sharing information supports this ambition and any changes that need to be made to help achieve it.

Leeds Informatics Board commissioned research to explore citizens and care professionals’ views on data sharing and a Person Held Record (PHR) please see the reports below.

  • Joined Up Leeds Report 1 – Engagement with citizens discussed how their health and wellbeing data could and should be shared, the benefits of sharing, the concerns they have, and how information could be used for the benefit of people in Leeds.
    Summary Joined Up Leeds report 1
  • Joined Up Leeds Report  2 – Engagement to gain insight into individuals’ interest in and expectations for a Personal Health Record, including how they could and would use it, the information that it should include, and the potential impact it could have on how people perceive health and illness and their willingness and ability to take personal responsibility for their health.
    Summary Joined Up Leeds report 2
  • Joined Up Leeds Report 3 – Engagement to explore professionals’ interest in and expectations for a PHR. We explored: aspirations, reservations and considerations when implementing a PHR; how the PHR could align with existing work on citizen driven care, wellbeing and preventative care; beliefs about how professionals would benefit from a PHR, how the PHR could be designed to increase professionals’ trust in the data people share with them, and any information governance considerations when implementing a PHR.