Abuse is not in a day’s work

The NHS in Leeds is taking a zero tolerance approach to abuse and aggression towards our staff and our patients.

Nurse checking patients blood pressure poster

Leeds is a great city to live and work in, known for its friendly people who look out for each other. The majority of people who need support from NHS staff do so in a respectful way that helps us create a safe environment for all. Sadly, there are a very small number of people who can be abusive towards our staff and our patients. We want to work with you to make Leeds a zero tolerance city so that we can focus on caring for you.

We are a zero tolerance city

Dealing with people who are abusive or aggressive towards our staff and our patients, takes us away from caring for you. We will investigate any incidents that are reported to us, this could result in action being taken by the police.

We have the right to refuse treatment and take further action against anyone who threatens the safety of our staff and our patients.

Help us focus on caring for you, share this message with others #NotInADaysWork

Resources for NHS organisations

You can download the social media plan to help support the campaign.

We’d be very happy for you to use the resources developed here in Leeds to help you run a similar campaign in your area. You can download the files below or alternatively email us if you need the original artwork files: Leedsccg.comms@nhs.net

Artwork files for NHS organisations

We’re very happy for our colleagues at NHS organisations, or those contracted to provide NHS services, to download and use our resources. If you need the original artwork files please email: Leedsccg.comms@nhs.net. This campaign is jointly led by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group.

You can download the following zip folders which include PDFs and jpegs: