Shakespeare Walk-In Centre

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG

Period: 4th Oct 2018 - 16th Nov 2018

We are currently reviewing services provided by the Shakespeare Walk-in Centre in Burmantofts, Leeds and we need to know more about your recent visit(s) to the walk-in centre.

Brief description of the project

We are working on proposals to establish a number of Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) in Leeds. The UTCs will make it easier for people to access urgent care (care that is needed on the same day but is not life-threatening) and will free up capacity for hospitals to manage emergency (life-threatening) care. As part of this project, we are proposing to move the Shakespeare Walk-in Centre to St James’s University Hospital.

This engagement asks people about their experience of using the walk-in centre at Shakespeare and will help us to understand how they will be affected if the walk-in centre is moved to St James’ Hospital.

Who did we speak to? 

We received feedback from 397 people who had either used the walk-in centre or were interested in the engagement.

What and how did we ask?

We used a survey to ask people about their experiences of using the service and their thoughts on our proposal to move the site to St James’s Hospital.

What did people tell us? 

  • 61% of the respondents agreed with the proposal to move the walk-in centre to St James’s Hospital.
  • Many people are using the walk-in centre services for conditions which can be treated at home and because they cannot get an appointment with their GP.
  • Many people would like to access the service in the evening and at the weekend.
  • People value staff that are welcoming, friendly, and who listen to them.
  • Many people were dissatisfied with the building’s facilities and condition.
  • Many people raised concerns about parking.

What did we do? 

  • We have developed a range of self-care resources to help people avoid unnecessary journeys to medical services
  • We have improved access to evening and weekend GP appointments by extending the hours our GP practices are open.
  • The providers of urgent care services in Leeds will be expected to deliver patient-centered and welcoming services.
  • We will move the walk-in centre from Shakespeare to St James’s Hospital. This new location will provide modern and improved facilities for patients.
  • The St James site will offer more parking than the existing site at Shakespeare and is on a good bus route from the city centre. There will be a cost to park on-site due to existing arrangements, however, these costs will be invested in hospital services.

If you would like to read more information about this engagement please see the downloads section below.

If you have any questions about this engagement please email us at or call on 0113 843 5470.


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