Telephone Interpreting Service

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG

Period: 1st Dec 2019 - 27th Jan 2020

We are currently reviewing the interpreting service on offer when patients visit their GP. We are keen to talk to people who use or need this service.

Brief description of the project

Our Primary Care team recently made a decision to include the telephone interpreting service as part of a new British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting contract.

The new contract will be a joint one with NHS Wakefield CCG. We have engaged with the D/deaf and hard of hearing people around the BSL interpreting contract.

Who will we speak to?

We want to have conversations with the community who need or use telephone interpreting services when they visit their GP practice. We know the most common languages for translation are:

  • Romanian
  • Arabic
  • Polish
  • Farsi
  • Sorani
  • Slovac
  • Urdu

What and how will we ask?

We will be visiting people in their local community in their own language. We will use drop-in sessions and a survey as prompt for discussion. Our survey will be available in the appropriate languages. The questions we will ask are:

  1. Are you aware that a translation service exists at your GP practice for your appointment?
  2. How was your experience of making your GP appointment?
  3. How was your experience of using the interpreting service during your appointment?

If you have any questions or you would like to get involved, please feel free to get in touch on 0113 297 7920 or email

What will we do?

At the end of the engagement, we will write and publish a report outlining what people told us. The report will be available to view on this page.

We will make recommendations based on people’s feedback and share this with the commissioners for interpreting services.