Shaping our Endoscopy Services

Lead: Leeds West

Period: 22nd Dec 2015 - 31st May 2016

Our patients tell us that they are very happy with the service we provide but we are always striving to improve the way we work. We would like to hear from patients and carers to make sure we are providing the right information in the right places prior to your procedure. We would also like to know what people think about where they are seen for their endoscopy and how easy it is to access our service.

An endoscopy is a test that looks inside the body using a long flexible tube called an endoscope. It has a tiny camera and light on the end. Endoscopies are commonly available to look at the food pipe (oesphagus) stomach and bowel (intestines). It is not usually a painful procedure, but it can be uncomfortable. A local anaesthetic or sedative (medication that has a calming effect) is available to help you relax. Endoscopies have the benefit of being able to provide instant results. They can also help us understand if we need to undertake some biopsies. This is where they take a small sample of body tissue.

An endoscopy might be recommended to investigate symptoms such as:

  • difficulties or pain when swallowing (dysphagia)
  • indigestion
  • altered bowel actions
  • eliminate any possibility of cancer

Endoscopies can be used to carry out certain surgical procedures such as removing gallstones, repairing a bleeding stomach ulcer, or to remove small tumours from the lungs or digestive system.


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