Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust – Outpatient Letter, Reader Group

Lead: Leeds West

Area: Leeds North, Leeds South & East, Leeds West

Period: 22nd Feb 2017 - 3rd Mar 2017

Occasionally we ask for feedback on proposed documentation from our patients and the public. We want to make sure that the information we are sending out is easy to understand, sends out all the right messages and is suitable for everyone it might affect. Feedback provided from patients and the public is compiled into a report with recommendations for how the document could be improved.

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We asked our reader group to feedback on a proposed letter from the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust (LTHT). The letter is essentially a holding letter where the consultant has viewed a referral and concluded that the patient does not need a hospital outpatient consultation and can be managed safely in primary care with appropriate advice and guidance (which will be forwarded to the patient’s GP for action).

We were looking for any feedback on the letter that will help it be as clear and as easy to understand as possible for patients who might receive it. Patients who were involved were asked to consider:

  • The language used (is it easy to understand?)
  • If there is any information missing?
  • Is it suitable for other people in our community?

Once you have decided on your feedback, you can send it directly to Adam Stewart by clicking here.

Printed versions are available on request. Email Adam and he will send you a copy out.

This consultation ran between: 22/03/2017 – 03/03/2017


LTHT – Outpatient Letter, Reader Group Feedback Report (285KB)

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LTHT- Draft Letter to Outpatients (172KB)

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