CCG Quality Team Animation

Lead: Citywide

Period: 26th Jun 2017 - 9th Jul 2017

Occasionally we ask for feedback on proposed animations from our patients and the public. We want to make sure that the information we are sending out is easy to understand, sends out all the right messages and is suitable for everyone it might affect. Feedback provided from patients and the public is compiled into a report with recommendations for how the animation could be improved.

Below you will find a video of an animation created to help detail the ‘Quality Team’ in Leeds. The aim of the animation is to to help patients better understand what the Quality Team does. It also aims to detail how patients can give their feedback and where that information sits within the feedback system.

We were looking for any feedback on the animation that will help it to be as clear and as easy to understand as possible for patients who might receive it. If you are interested in giving some feedback we ask that you consider the following:

  • How does it read, is it the formatting easy to read? Is it easy to watch and understand?
  • Is there anything missing?
  • Would you find it useful?
  • Is the animation accessible to everyone?