Patient Choice Deliberative Engagement Event

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG

Period: 14th Mar 2020

We wanted to hear from the people of Leeds about their thoughts on how we can improve patient choice. We held an engagement event to achieve this.

Brief description of the project

This event was organised to try to understand how important choice is for people accessing health and care services.

Who did we speak to?

Qa Research recruited 70 members of the public. They were selected in a way that ensured attendees broadly represented the demographic profile of the Leeds CCG area; including gender, age, ethnicity, household composition, and working status.

What did we ask?

We asked people:

  • What is most important to them when they are accessing services.
  • Why different choices are important to people, and what is a priority from multiple providers, location, or convenient appointments.
  • What do we need to do to give people confidence that community services are as good as hospital services.
  • How can the NHS/CCG best communicate treatment and care options to the public, so they are confident to exercise their choices?

What happens next?

The recommendations are that:

  • In 2021, a communications strategy and action plan to address barriers, promote choice, and increase awareness of appropriateness, quality, and access to community healthcare services will be developed and undertaken.
  • NHS Leeds CCG commissioning, contracting and procurement teams act in accordance with the expressed priorities that patients have on patient choice, reflecting this in our procurement policies and service specifications. This is entirely consistent with the proposals on community procurement plan which was submitted in July 2020 and consequently approved by governing body, and was itself based in large part on the draft findings of this report.


Patient Choice Event Report (520KB)

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