Non-Therapeutic Circumcision Service

Lead: Leeds West

Area: Leeds North, Leeds South & East, Leeds West

Period: 1st Apr 2016 - 29th Jul 2016

In line with the rest of the country the CCGs in Leeds decided to stop using NHS money to pay for this small number of non-medical male circumcisions, so that the money can be used to support other health services. Circumcisions for medical reasons will still be funded and available in Leeds.

We were the only city in the country to provide non-medical circumcision for male children as an NHS service. The service carried out around 380 circumcisions each year. The service was used by people of different ethnicities, with people from the African and Pakistani communities most likely to use the NHS service. While non-medical circumcisions on males are carried out in Leeds, the vast majority of these are undertaken privately.

We want NHS and voluntary, community, and faith sector staff to signpost and advise families appropriately. We have produced a leaflet to support services and patients. The leaflet is based on a leaflet developed by NHS Sheffield CCG when they made a similar decision. We will share this leaflet with GP practices and services likely to come into contact with people interested in non-medical circumcision.

The Leeds CCGs have never received any report regarding children presenting with problems or complications as a result of private non-medical circumcisions. However should a child ever-present with complications as a result of non-medical circumcisions this would be reported as a safeguarding issue by the hospital or GP.


Engagement Plan (127KB)

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Non-Therapeutic Circumcision Leaflet (675KB)

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