Maternity – Outpatient Maternity Care in Leeds

Lead: Citywide

Period: 7th Mar 2018 - 31st Mar 2018

The NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for making sure that the right NHS services are in place to meet the health needs of people in the city. The CCG has worked with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) to do a lot of engagement with local people over the past three years to look at maternity services in the city.

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust is always thinking about the way it delivers maternity and neonatal services in order to provide the best possible care to new-borns, mums and families. It is looking at how it organises its wards and clinics so that they provide personalised care in the right place to meet people’s needs. As part of this the Trust wants to offer more services in the community and build a birth centre. The Trust also wants to bring together services for mums and babies who need consultant led care to ensure they can stay together. The Trust is already supporting women who would like to birth at home.

Three years ago we asked people for views on centralising maternity inpatient and neonatal services (services for mums and babies who need consultant care in hospital) to the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). No changes have been made to inpatient services yet, but this feedback has helped us to develop the Maternity Strategy. All of these views on inpatient services are already being used to inform ideas.

In the next stage of this engagement work, we looked at how maternity and neonatal outpatient services could be organised differently to ensure the Trust can provide the best possible care and choice to women and babies.

Although the hospital is always seeking to make improvements, building plans have not yet been agreed. Together we have an opportunity to contribute to plans. 

Plans will be part of the hospital new build at the LGI site. How our suggestions fit into this overall plan, will affect which changes we can make for our services.

What is being proposed?

Currently both hospital sites, Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s, offer maternity outpatient services. These include antenatal hospital appointments (before a baby is born) for care that does not need an overnight stay (for example scans, blood tests, blood pressure and baby monitoring), along with any postnatal appointments that need to be in a hospital setting, after the baby is born.

Part of the Trust’s plans to offer the highest quality care for mums, babies and families could include moving all outpatient appointments to one site, for example Leeds General Infirmary, or St James’s hospital.

We carried out this engagement to make sure that any formal proposals put forward by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are informed by you, meet the needs of women and families across the whole of Leeds and provide the safest and most effective care.

You can read the full engagement report by clicking the link below:

Maternity Outpatients Engagement Report (898KB)

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The NHS Leeds CCG would like to thank all those who completed surveys/questionnaires and who contributed their stories and experiences to this report.