Maternity Bereavement Workshop

Lead: Citywide

Period: 23rd Jan 2018

The Maternity Strategy for Leeds 2015-2020 was developed based on extensive consultation with women and families in Leeds, using a detailed health needs assessment and the latest and best evidence of what works well in maternity services, taking into consideration national and local drivers. The strategy outlines nine priorities which aim to improve maternity services by providing safe, high quality maternity care, meeting the needs of all families in the city.

Brief description of the project

This engagement looked at how we can improve bereavement services for people in Leeds.

Who did we speak to?

We spoke to people who have used the bereavement service. This was opened up to people with experience of stillbirths, early miscarriages, and mid-trimester miscarriages.  We also spoke to professionals who are involved in the pathway.

What and how did we ask?

We asked people to share their stories of bereavement and their experience of using bereavement services in Leeds. We held a workshop in January 2018 for service users and professionals. Over 60 people attended the session.  We used the “Whose Shoes” tool to look at bereavement care across the care pathway and to identify further improvements.

What did we do?

We are using the information to improve the service. We will outline how we have used the feedback from service users in the next annual report on engagement.


Bereavement in Maternity workshop – Report (1MB)

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Bereavement in Maternity workshop – Agenda (139KB)

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