Healthy Leeds: Our plan to improve health and wellbeing in Leeds (previously called ‘The Left Shift Blueprint’)

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG/ Health Partnership Team

Period: 10th May 2021 - 1st Jun 2021

We held a series of public involvement activities to talk to local people about the Left Shift Blueprint (LSBP), now called ‘Healthy Leeds’.

Brief description of the project

‘Healthy Leeds’ is a plan that outlines how we will invest our resources over the next five years. It describes using a ‘Left Shift’ approach. By the Left Shift we mean:

  • Supporting people to stay well
  • Reducing health inequalities
  • Providing more healthcare in community settings
  • Focusing on what matters to people

This involvement builds on previous work with local people to tackle health inequalities, including a public event in August 2020:

This event gave local people an opportunity to explore and discuss our plan. The event was planned and delivered by QA Research.

Who did we speak to?

QA Research recruited 80 people to represent the Leeds population. This included a mix of people from different areas and different cultural backgrounds.

What and how did we ask?

We introduced our plan and described how we have used public feedback to develop the project to date. We asked people about:

  • Their general thoughts on our plan
  • How they think the wider public can support the ‘left shift’ approach
  • How we can communicate our plans to the wider public
  • How we can continue to involve local people in this work

We used a series of focus groups and interviews to find out what people thought.

What did people tell us?

People told us that:

  • They need more information on why and how services work together
  • Patient experience, waiting times and health outcomes are important to them
  • They need more information about health inequalities
  • The name ‘Left Shift Blueprint’ is difficult to understand
  • They need more information about this new approach

What did we do?

There are nine recommendations in the report. We are currently working to respond to these recommendations and will update this page to demonstrate how we have acted on feedback. In response to people’s feedback that the name ‘Left Shift Blue Print’ was hard to understand, we have changed the name to ‘Healthy Leeds: our plan to improve health and wellbeing in Leeds’.

How can you help?

You can help us by using the right service at the right time, please click on the link to read our guide to supporting your NHS here:


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