FIT Test (Symptomatic) Leaflet

Lead: Leeds Cancer Programme

Period: 4th Feb 2020

The purpose of the FIT Test (Symptomatic only) Leaflet engagement is to make sure that the leaflet that can be given to patients if they need to complete a FIT screening test is accessible and easy to understand. FIT stands for ‘Faecal Immunochemical Test’ and looks for traces of blood in faeces (poo).

Brief description of the project

FIT is a test that GP’s can offer to patients within a specific age bracket who present with certain symptoms. These patients are ‘low risk but not no risk’ of having colorectal cancer.

Evidence shows that Bowel Cancer screening tests reduce bowel cancer mortality by identifying signs and symptoms at an early stage.

  • The new FIT test will detect blood you can’t see in stool (poo) samples. Unlike the previous test, FIT uses antibodies that specifically recognise human blood
  • FIT is a more sensitive and specific test than the previous test and reduces the chances of false positives.

 Who did we speak to?

We spoke to 30 people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Groups & socio-economic deprived groups (as previous evidence on bowel screening suggests that these are the groups least likely to complete the test). We also spoke to members of the Leeds Stoma Group to ask their thoughts on the new test.

What and how did we ask? 

A short survey was designed which staff at Voluntary Action Leeds used in order to gather and record responses. Overall, 30 service users shared their views about the leaflet, made up of older men and women from the South Asian community and homeless people and living in inner East Leeds, and members of Leeds Stoma Group.

What did people tell us?

  • Some of the images were confusing
  • Some of the language/Wording was confusing and could be made simpler
  • A translated version of the leaflet into Punjabi/Urdu would be helpful
  • It was preferred the word ‘Cancer’ not to be used on the leaflet

What did we do?

  • Some of the images were confusing – these were made clearer so they matched the text on the leaflet.
  • The language was simplified and made more accessible
  • The leaflet was translated into Punjabi/Urdu and is available for Doctors to give out as needed.
  • The word ‘cancer’ was taken off the leaflet

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