Community Cancer Support Project

Lead: Leeds Cancer Programme

Period: 15th Jul 2019 - 31st Aug 2019

The aim of this engagement was to find out what sort of things people who have a diagnosis of cancer (or their carers) would want help with, and how it would be best for them to access it. The feedback was wanted to develop a useful and accessible support service for people affected by cancer.

Brief description of the project

We know that life for those affected by cancer can be challenging; in Leeds there are over 25,000 people currently living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis. It is not uncommon for people to feel lost and struggle to come to terms with living with cancer, or going back to ‘normal life’ after cancer treatment has been completed. We want to help people affected by cancer find help in their local community easily, as and when they need it.

This project is subject will be based in

  • Aire Valley
  • Harehills, Richmond Hill & Burmantofts
  • Beeston & Middleton
  • Wetherby

Who did we speak to

We spoke to 202 patients/carers/public/ people from seldom heard communities. We also asked staff and stakeholders, who may come across people with cancer as part of their day to day role their thoughts on what a Community Cancer Support service may look like

What and how did we ask? 

We asked people via paper survey (distributed by GP practices in the areas the project will run) and via focus groups with targeted seldom heard communities. We wanted to know what people would want from this service, and what barriers they may face in accessing it.

What did people tell us? 

  • 86% of people said they would use a service like Community Cancer Support.
  • 45% of people said they felt that accessing the service would best for them if it was based at the GP practice, with 29% of people saying they would prefer the service to provide home visits.
  • The biggest barriers to accessing community cancer support (for the general population) would be the time the service was available (45%), Work (19%), transport issues (17%) followed by health issues (13%).
  • Seldom heard communities highlighted language barriers, and a need for sensitivity and understanding about how people from different cultures experience cancer.

What did we do?

  • We used the feedback to help shape a community cancer support service available to patients and carers.
  • We have used this feedback to ensure that the service will be available from different locations
  • The service will be provided with flexibility to work around patient/carer needs.
  • We have highlighted the need for appropriate translation facilities, and the need to ensure staff is aware of the cultural implications of cancer.

If you would like to read more information about this engagement please see the downloads section below.

If you have any questions about this engagement please contact us on or 0113 843 5470.


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