Improving children’s constipation services

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG

Period: 11th Jan 2021 - 29th Jan 2021

Working alongside Leeds Community Healthcare and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, we interviewed four families to find out about their experiences of using children's constipation services.

Brief description of the project

We want to improve the way GPs and hospitals work together to care for children with chronic constipation. This involvement will build on existing insight and use patients’ experiences to improve care for children with chronic constipation.

Who did we speak to?

We spoke with four families of children using the service.

What and how did we ask?

Families told us their own story about what was good about their experience and what could have been done better. Interviews were carried out over the phone.

What did people tell us?

Families told us that:

  • There are long waits for first appointment to see paediatricians
  • There are delays in initial diagnosis which can make the condition worse
  • Schools need educating about this condition
  • Clinicians need to understand the full health and wellbeing of the child
  • A ‘seamless’ system for the families is needed when accessing both LCH and LTHT so that families move smoothly between services

 What will we do?

We have shared these stories with members of the children’s constipation working group as well as the families who took part in the interviews. The feedback will be incorporated into the childhood constipation work plan in order to improve the childhood constipation service.

How can you help?

You can help us to develop better services by sharing your experiences of using health and social care service in Leeds


Patient Experience Themes (138KB)

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Engagement Plan (166KB)

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