Carers Information, Advice and Support Service

Lead: Citywide

Period: 6th Nov 2017 - 26th Jan 2018

Leeds City Council and the NHS fund a single point of access for information, advice and support for carers and professionals who work with carers. Carers Leeds is the organisation who currently provides this service under a contract with Leeds City Council.

The contract with Carers Leeds will end on 31st March 2019. We have to make sure that we identify a service provider to deliver the service after that date. This means that through 2018 there was an opportunity for organisations, to submit an application to run the service. This includes Carers Leeds.

We have reviewed the Carers Leeds service. This means we have been looking at everything that Carers Leeds does:

  • how much it costs,
  • how many people they help,
  • what people say about the service and,
  • what things impact on service delivery.

Alongside this, we also reviewed the local and national policy and the law relating to carers and building up a profile of caring in Leeds to make sure that a new service will help us to meet all our duties and responsibilities to carers as well as responding to local need and demand.

Our review has concluded that we should continue to fund a single point of access to information, advice, and support for carers and for professionals who work with carers.

We wanted to give people an opportunity to tell us about the things that they think are important, which might include things we have not covered in the review.

You can find the report below:

Review report

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