Best Start Project – Children with Complex Needs

Lead: Leeds South & East

Area: Leeds North, Leeds South & East, Leeds West

Period: 2nd Dec 2013 - 28th Feb 2014

NHS Leeds South & East CCG has reviewed a better pathway for children (age 0-5 years) with complex needs on behalf of the city.

Children with complex health needs and/or disabilities form a relatively small number of the total child population (approximately 8% nationally).

Both families and professionals found the following as complex and difficult to understand as well as navigate:

  • Existing criteria
  • Assessment process
  • Service provision

There is little evidence of co-ordinated assessment meaning that families have to repeat their stories many times to different professionals. Services operate in isolation and are based on processes and inputs rather than children’s outcomes.

The aim of the project is to improve the experience of services for children and their families. Parents, children, and professionals will work together to design and improve the pathway of support.

The project will focus on the experiences of parents and children; finding solutions with professionals for the critical areas where things need to improve.

Parents and carers will give views on the current pathway. Front line staff will tell us how they think the experience for parents and carers could be improved. A focus group with both parents carers and front line staff will be organised. Additionally, a final focus group will happen in March to look at co-producing solutions.