Bereavement Services in Maternity

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG

Period: 22nd Oct 2018 - 31st Dec 2020

We need your help to improve bereavement services in maternity across Leeds

Brief description of the project

The Leeds Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a group of parent and family representatives who work in partnership with midwives, doctors, and other health professionals to help improve future maternity care to women, partners, families, and babies: the MVP works closely with us at NHS Leeds CCG.

We are keen to receive ongoing feedback in order to improve bereavement services in maternity across Leeds.

Who will we speak to?

We want to hear from parents who have experienced the loss of their baby/babies during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

If you have experience of this, we are very sorry for your loss, and we appreciate that this is an extremely difficult time for you.

If you feel able to give us your feedback it will help us to improve bereavement services in maternity across Leeds.

What and how will we ask?

We are asking people to share their experiences of using bereavement maternity services in Leeds.  We are asking people to complete a survey to understand their views.

Tell us what you think about bereavement services in maternity across Leeds

If you are unable to complete the survey online or would like some additional support, please contact us on or call 0113 843 5470

What will we do?

Along with other sources of feedback, the information collected is fed into the MVP work plan.

As a result, the feedback received has:

  • influenced how staff are trained to speak to bereaved parents; signposting to other services has improved
  • influenced the redesign of some of the paperwork which is used.
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) has recruited a new Bereavement Midwife
  • promoted and organised a ‘Wave of Light’ event by the team of midwives in October 2019 at the church at St James Hospital for bereaved parents.

The survey will remain live in order to maintain a platform to continually listen to people’s views of the service.


Engagement Plan (375KB)

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