Acronym Buster

Lead: Leeds West

Period: 15th May 2017 - 30th May 2017

Occasionally we ask for feedback on proposed documentation from our patients and the public. We want to make sure that the information we are sending out is easy to understand, sends out all the right messages and is suitable for everyone it might affect. Feedback provided from patients and the public is compiled into a report with recommendations for how the document could be improved.

Below you will find a draft of a proposed ‘acronym buster’. There are often requests on from patients and patient champions for a document that helps detail the acronyms we use in the NHS in Leeds. Occasionally, in meetings, training sessions, or other health-related contexts; professional jargon is sometimes unavoidable in conversations or documents intended for the public. This can make it more difficult for the public to remain engaged. With that in mind, to make meetings and documents easier to understand, the CCGs have put together the ‘acronym buster’ and have asked the reader group for comment.

We were looking for any feedback on the document that will help it to be as clear and as easy to understand as possible for patients who might receive it. If you are interested in giving some feedback we ask that you consider the following:

  • How does it read, is it formatted well?
  • Is there anything missing?
  • Are there any acronyms missing? Are there any that don’t need to be there?
  • Would you find it useful?


Reader Group – Acronym Buster Feedback Report – June 2017 (264KB)

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NHS Leeds Acronym Buster v1.0 (193KB)

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