Lincoln Green Review

A review of the research and engagements conducted in the Lincoln Green (LS9) and surrounding area to help inform future commissioning decisions.

Date: September 2020

Lead: Caroline Mackay, Engagement Lead

Brief description of the project

The future commissioning of health services in the Lincoln Green (LS9) and the surrounding area, including the Walk-in centre, is at an early development and exploration phase. It was agreed that a summary of previous research and engagements with local people would be helpful to inform this development. It aims to:

  • Describe the population who live in Lincoln Green and the surrounding area
  • Outline the needs and preferences of people living in these areas
  • Outline any common themes from previous research or engagements
  • Highlight any gaps in our understanding

Where did we get the insight from?

We gathered insight from a variety of local and national sources including:

  • The national GP Patient Survey
  • Feedback from Care Opinion (
  • People living in LS9 from recent CCG engagements
  • Feedback from people living in LS9 in wider research and reports

What and how did we ask?

We reviewed the literature to better understand what matters most to people living in Lincoln Green, and the surrounding area, in relation to receiving health and care services.

What did people tell us?

  • People place a high value on having accessible health services close to home.
  • There is a need for better communications – both face-to-face encounters, and in relation to service information and health messaging.
  • There are opportunities to develop stronger links with and gain a greater understanding of, the needs and preferences of the diverse communities living in this area.
  •  Insight from health and care staff is lacking.

You can read the full engagement report here:

Insight Review into Lincoln Green area

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What did we do?

An insight report was written up and submitted to CCG Primary Care commissioners to support the future commissioning of health and care services in Lincoln Green and the surrounding area.

How can you help?

You can help us to develop better services by sharing your experiences of using health and social care services in Leeds: