COVID-19 and General Practice Review

A review into the changes and impact of the changes during the Covid-19 pandemic on General Practice

Date: June 2020

Project Lead: Chris Bridle, Engagement Manager

Brief description of the project

This insight review looked at changes that happened in GP services during the pandemic. It explores the impact of these changes on people who use and deliver these services. It considers which of these changes we need to maintain and how they might need to develop in order to continue to protect people’s health while improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities.

Who did we speak to?

We used existing local and national patient feedback (insight) from a wide range of different communities.

What and how did we ask?

We wanted to understand people’s experience of changes in the way:

  • People are seen for their appointment (adopting a ‘digital-first’ approach)
  • People book appointments
  • People order prescriptions
  • Practices work together to deliver services

We gathered this insight from various local and nations reports.

What did people tell us?

The insight told us that:

  • Much of the feedback was reflected nationally and relates to long standing issues around inequality
  • Collecting local insight was challenging because patient experience is not held in one place.
  • People’s experience of a ‘digital first’ approach varied. Some communities valued using online services other felt ‘digitally-excluded’.
  • Patients and staff need support to understand what type of appointment they need
  • There were gaps in insight from NHS staff

You can read the full insight report here:

Insight review into Covid-19 and general practice (224KB)

In order to view PDF documents you will need Adobe PDF Reader

What did we do?

  • We are continuing our work to address health inequalities in Leeds and have carried out a health inequalities public event. To view the report for the event please click on the link:
  • We are working with partners to look at how we can bring together patient experience in one place
  • We are working with the Leeds People’s Voices Group (PVC) to address digital exclusion in the city. If you would like to know more about the PVC, please click on the link to the Healthwatch Leeds website page:
  • We are working with the PVC to develop a guide to virtual appointments
  • We are working with primary care to understand the needs of NHS staff during the pandemic

How can you help?

You can support your NHS by using the right NHS service at the right time: