Engagements & Consultations

Get involved and help to influence how our local health services develop and change.

We actively encourage patients, residents, and community organisations to take part in and contribute to our work. Taking part in consultations and public engagement exercises are an important way to have your say on issues that could affect you, your family or your loved ones. It is important we hear from as many people as possible, across as many different communities as possible to ensure we have a more representative view of the population of Leeds.

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Equality Monitoring and Protected Characteristics

In our engagements and consultations, we will always ask you to provide us with ‘equality monitoring’ information. This section is optional but provides us with important data about the characteristics of the people getting involved (such as sex, age, ethnicity, carer status, sexuality, disabilities etc.). This way, we are able to identify any gaps in our responses and make efforts to include those communities we have yet to hear from. We would appreciate your time and effort in completing that section if you are happy to do so.

Patient Assurance

When we engage with the people of Leeds, we need to make sure that we are talking to the right people, from the right communities in the right ways. This is important to ensure that the feedback we get is representative of the people using our services. To make sure we are engaging in the right ways, we need to seek assurance that our plans do this. In Leeds, we use a Patient Assurance Group (PAG) as part of our governance process to provide patient assurance.

After we have begun preparing for an engagement or consultation, we take our engagement plan to the PAG, which is made up of members from our CCG Volunteer programme, Healthwatch Leeds and our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) lay-person, Angela Collins.

The engagement team, alongside the lead commissioner (the person responsible for deciding what services we provide in Leeds), present a plan of how they will engage with the public. The PAG will consider and challenge the plan if the group feel that there are any noticeable gaps (such as a particular protected characteristic not being engaged with).

The engagement cannot take place unless the PAG are assured that the engagement plan is robust and well-thought out.

Leeds Voices

Our engagement work is supported by Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) through the Leeds Voices project. The Leeds Voices project supports the CCG to develop and implement plans for commissioning. It supports the engagement of citizens and communities in the development of health services in the city, including communities who are seldom heard and/or experience the worst health outcomes. You can read more about Leeds Voices here: https://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/leeds-voices/

You can read the Leeds Voices annual report for 2019 for details on the engagements they have supported through 2019.

Leeds Voices Annual Report 2019 (5MB)

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