Dr Amal Paul, GP Partner and Lead GP and PCN Clinical Director 

photograph of Dr Amal Paul
Dr Amal Paul

When the pandemic started, Dr Paul quickly took steps to ensure the safety of staff and patients by continuing to work on-site as safely as he could (despite his own heightened risk of complications from Covid-19) by staggering his shift pattern with his GP Partner Dr Ling ensuring only one at a time was on site while the other triaged from home. He personally staggered all clinical and non-clinical staff rotas and introduced the use of PPE for all staff from the beginning of March. He purchased handmade visors and face covers from third sector organisations to buffer their funds but to also hand out free of charge to any local practices that wanted them

Dr Paul endorsed the setting up of small practice hubs within the primary care network to ensure the more vulnerable practices had a support network and failover system should they get to a red OPEL status. He stepped up in his role as PCN clinical director to deliver new guidance to all member practices and joined the CCG Silver Command team to help manage the escalation and de-escalation of Covid-19 related primary care measures

Dr Paul has retained a calm and supportive persona throughout this pandemic. He has successfully stepped up to the challenges of a reduced workforce and lengthy shielding absences and has introduced a flexible working a pattern so that all admin staff could work together to help cover their child care issues and isolation periods. He has made the workplace safe by locking down the majority of the building and using one covid-safe room for all patient face to face activity. To keep staff and patients safe, he has increased cleaning requirements to ensure an infection-free environment and arranged for all necessary electronic screening methods such as digital patient consultations, door intercom and funded a new website.

All of this was carried out while his daughter, who works at the hospital, shielded away from the family home. Dr and Mrs Paul have found this separation to be very difficult, but Dr Paul carried on with his increased work load whilst always sporting a smile.

Dr Paul was also nominated for recognition by one of his patients, who wanted us to know how much his “kindness, sincere caring and concern [have] made everything better for me.”