Patient Groups

We work closely with patient groups to ensure that they are involved in how we deliver, develop and plan our commissioning activities across Leeds

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

NHS Leeds CCG is committed to working alongside PPGs to support their development and influence across Leeds. We have worked with PPGs across the city to develop a number of tools, resources, and initiatives to support PPGs. We have worked with PPG members and practices to develop the PPG Network which aims to join PPGs up and share good practice across the city.

The PPGs working within this PPG Network have helped to deliver large PPG networking events, a programme of PPG Funding and wealth of PPG resources that are available to practices across the city.

Visit our PPG page to find out more

Patient Assurance Group (PAG)

The Patient Assurance Group (PAG) is an advisory group. Its role is to provide assurance that the voices of patients, public and carers are heard and taken into account in the development of an integrated health and social care system.

The PAG exists to ensure that all phases of the commissioning/decommissioning cycle (see image) are developed with appropriate and sufficient public engagement plans and activities, and are reviewed from a patient and public perspective.

In delivering this role, the PAG may be involved in seeking assurance on the engagement of patients in the planning of services, the commissioning of them and subsequent review and/or decommissioning.

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