Sabrina Armstrong

Occupation: Director of Organisational Effectiveness (non-voting attendee)

Sabrina has a broad range of corporate NHS experience. She gained her skills in a diverse range of provider, regional, and national NHS organisations over the past 20 years. A former journalist and communications professional by background, Sabrina has also gained extensive corporate and programme management skills, latterly working as a Programme Director in a national organisation. She has successfully led and managed a number of teams, overcoming challenges and developing staff into more senior roles.

Sabrina is committed to ensuring the involvement of patients and communities in their local health services. She wants to make sure they have a say in how services continue to be developed. She is trained as an Executive Coach and a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Through this, Sabrina recognises the importance of staff development and uses these skills in doing so.