Leonardo Tantari

Occupation: Chief Digital Officer (non-voting attendee)

Leonardo is the Chief Digital Information Officer for the Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, this is a dual role that also covers Leeds City Council.

Leonardo’s role is to provide the vision and technical leadership and the delivery of the integrated digital, informatics and tech programmes.

His role is key to develop and implement a strong and compelling digital strategy.

The digital strategy will support services and enhance patient care improving communication between clinicians and patients while building resilience in communities

Some of the key objectives are;

  • Expand the access to primary care working alongside GP practices
  • Deliver the IMT and ICT infrastructure for the delivery of new models of care
  • Break down silos and integrate care by the introduction and deployment of a shared care record
  • Establish a population based data analytics via the establishment of the data office of analytics for Leeds
  • Build effective and supportive relationships with suppliers and business partners to further enhance the support of patient management by the sharing of care, innovative models for care and social care

Leonardo has over 25 plus years of experience leading digital and technical teams having worked for organisations like Experian, Boots and within the financial services like Travelex and other major UK banks.

His experience working for Boots as an IT director saw him delivering and implementing new care solutions for pharmacies, care homes, outpatient hospitals and the wider NHS services.