Meet our governing body

Get to know the names, faces and expertise behind the NHS Leeds CCG governing body.

Tim Ryley

Occupation: Chief Executive

Dr Gordon Sinclair

Title(s): MbChB, MRCGP

Occupation: Clinical Chair

Jo Harding

Occupation: Director of Quality and Safety (Governing Body Nurse)

Visseh Pejhan-Sykes

Occupation: Chief Finance Officer

Dr Simon Stockill

Occupation: Medical Director

Sue Robins

Occupation: Director of Operational Delivery (non-voting attendee)

Sabrina Armstrong

Occupation: Director of Corporate Services (non-voting attendee)

Dr Jason Broch

Occupation: Assistant Clinical Chair

Angela Collins

Occupation: Lay Member for Patient and Public Participation

Dr Ben Browning

Occupation: Member Representative

Dr Ian Cameron

Occupation: Public Health Representative / Secondary Care Specialist Doctor (non-voting attendee)

Dr Julianne Lyons

Occupation: Member Representative

Dr Keith Miller

Occupation: Member Representative

Dr Phil Ayres

Occupation: Secondary Care Specialist Doctor

Samantha Senior

Occupation: Lay Member for Primary Care Co-Commissioning

Sue Brear

Occupation: Lay Member for Audit and Conflict of Interest Matters