Local Implementation Guides

COVID-19: Enhanced primary care support in care homes

This framework is intended as a framework to guide PCNs in setting up multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs).

During COVID-19, primary care has been asked to increase the level of support given to care homes and enhance the care of the people who live in care homes. Recognising that other partners have a role to play in this, establishing a ‘multi-disciplinary team’ (MDT) is a way of coordinating the support to the care home.

In the context of COVID-19, the MDT may be more reactive than proactive – in that it may be set up in response to an outbreak or a concern expressed by the care home or other partners. It would be the means by which a practice(s) would have a supportive conversation with the care home involving others who contribute to the care of residents who live there eg the neighbourhood team.

Delivering enhanced primary care support in care homes as part of COVID-19 response

Local implementation guide: people living in care homes

The numbers of people affected by COVID-19 in care homes is rising. The requirement to support care homes in caring for these patients is a key element of the national primary care standard operating procedure. A local implementation guide for supporting the care of people living in care homes has been developed. The purpose of this guidance is to enable each PCN to explore best practice in relation to caring for their patients in care homes, at a time when this is most needed.

Earlier this week, NHS England announced that ‘key elements’ of the enhanced health in care homes primary care network direct enhanced service (EHCH PCN DES) were to be brought forward. We expect that these ‘key elements’ will link closely to our local implementation guidance.

In order to support the local implementation, the CCG would like to offer the opportunity for practices to sign up to the current CCG EHCH scheme for the remainder of 2020/21.  Please contact the primary care team as soon as possible [email protected]

NHS England are expected to confirm in an update letter that the implementation of the full EHCH DES remains unchanged and will be from October. The CCG will be working with the GP Confederation and other partners in developing the future model.

Local implementation guide

Hot/cold sites standard operating procedures

The following SOPs are designed to help all colleagues adhere to the guidance given to protect themselves, patients and members of the public.

We’ve also developed communication materials/signage to support hot sites available below. If you need any additional materials please call the communications team on 0113 84 35529 or [email protected]

Hot site standard operating procedure

Cold site standard operating procedure

Communicating with patients – resource pack

Signage for hot sites

Local Implementation Guide of the National Standard Operating Procedure for Primary Care

Please note this is a live document and information may change in line with update national guidance. This document must be read in conjunction with NHSE Guidance and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Primary Care (latest version is V2.1 dated 6/4/2020). The NHSE SOP is the national framework within which general practice is required to operate. This document sets out a series of agreed principles for local delivery.

Local implementation guide of the national standard operating procedure

Tips for managing long term conditions during COVID-19

Please download our top tips on managing long-term conditions during the current COVID-19 pandemic. They are for practices to use as a guide if they wish. They are based on feedback from practices, primary care networks and clinical directors in Leeds, but also references national guidance.

Tips for managing long term conditions during COVID-19